The Akira Foundation emblem epitomizes the concept, ‘make a difference’, which means a power of the social innovation representing a projection centered on Japan towards the future, brighter ‘Global Village’.

The emblem consists mainly of the two concentric circles: the smaller one symbolizing 'Japan' and the larger one 'Global Village'. In between these two circles, there are three arrows signifying a the a vital role that Akira Foundation would will play to promote exchanges of social innovation and educational development, between Japan and the rest of the world.

The green color of the emblem represents not such our determination, but our extended belief and hope that our activities would help cause a systemic change across our global society. Under such resolute emblem, we will do our utmost to foster a meaningful ecosystem for 'Inclusive Society' and to create a vital platform to exchange knowledge and thoughts among students, scholars, and professionals, who are social- and like- minded and believe we can make a difference for a better world, no matter what challenge we will face.


From a perspective of our inheritance, this emblem also reflects our (that is, ‘Yokoi’s’) family crest, “Mitsu uroko”, or “Snake’s three scales crest in a circle”. In so doing, we respect our family root and origin, as well as paying tribute to our late father, Akira Yokoi, and his legacy for good.*

* "Mitsu uroko", or "Snake’s three scales crest in a circle" is originated from "The Hōjō clan", one of the renowned regents in the history of Japan who had practically governmental power since the early 12 century until 14 century and is now recognized as the family presented at the top of the Yokoi’s family tree. The Hōjō family was also well known to contribute to spreading ‘Zen Buddhism’.


As a general rule, no person or entity may use (or authorize the use of) Akira Foundation emblem in any manner other than as expressly authorized by Akira Foundation in a written agreement. Akira Foundation Japan reserves the right to revoke any such authorization at any time in its sole discretion, such as where use does not strictly conform to the requirements of our trademark policy (which should be known through a specific written permission) and/or Akira Foundation’s written authorization.