30 September 2011
Dubai, UAE

The first off-site meeting of Akira Social Ventures (ASV) was held at Novotel World Trade Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The founding members of ASV (including Hirofumi Yokoi) attended the meeting and discussed its strategic plans and subject matters for three consecutive days, from registration to microfinance projects, one of which focus primarily on helping people in the disaster-stricken areas of Japan rebuild and revive their economies and societies.

30 July 2011
Tokyo, Japan

Hirofumi Yokoi was invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS) on Saturday, 30 July 2011, which was launched in partnership with Akira Foundation. Community leaders, practitioners, teachers, school managers and staff, and its advisory board members from both Philippines and Japan were invited to attend the ceremony at the site of the new class room at Hirai, Tokyo.

13 July 2011
Tokyo, Japan

Atsufumi Yokoi was invited to join the African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the University of Cape Town (UCT; South Africa) as a Visiting Researcher from this October. This is a one-year non-tenure track appointment and part of his PhD studentship at the University of Tokyo. As a Research Affiliate of ACC, Atsufumi is expected to get involved in a wide range of academic forums of ACC and to conduct research on various informal settings in African cities, working collaboratively with a diverse group of universities, research institutes, government sectors and NGOs from Japan and Africa.

28 May 2011
Tokyo, Japan

The Asia Career Seminar will be held at Tokyo, Japan on 28 May 2011, to help international students envision and identify their own personal and professional ways of life in culturally diverse settings. The seminar will include interactive dialogues and discussions, special lectures with real, visionary storytelling, and participant-centered workshops suited for job seeking and career planning. Akira Foundation supports this session as an institutional sponsor, by working with the Japan Research Institute (JRI).

19-20 March 2011
Osaka, Japan

The conference on Vulnerable Filipino Migrants: Focus on Japan will be held in Osaka, Japan, featuring the ongoing issues for irregular Filipino migrants. Akira Foundation supports this event as one of the institutional sponsor and it will take place at the Osaka University, Japan, on March 19 and 20, 2011.