8 October 2015
Washington, D.C., USA

International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), one of Akira Foundation’s partners, announced the global education and service-learning program mixed with environmental and cultural awareness for students at aged 13 to 18, the “Christmas with Orphans Camp.” It will take place in Uganda on December 20th to 30th.

According to their website, the week-long camp in collaboration with the Uganda National Museum and the Ministry of Education provides an incredible opportunity for young campers to learn about African culture, customs and traditions, and the educational system.

The campers will spend one day with creative children who attend a talent school to explore ways to foster the creativity of Uganda’s children. They will then conduct a service project for orphans at the Gaba orphanage near Kampala. Following the visit to the orphanage, the campers will spend three-days at the Queen Elizabeth National Park to learn about wildlife and the environment.

Finally, each camper will make a presentation to the Uganda Ministry of Education officials about his or her one best personal idea to improve the living conditions and the education of orphans in Uganda.

The camp is organized by ICAF which has served since 1997 as the national and international organization for children’s art and creative development, and follows the 5th World Children’s Festival that was held earlier this summer at The Ellipse next to The White House, together with the ICAF Summer Camp in Washington, D.C.

The ICAF Winter Camp will admit no more than 20 students. Early action is recommended to avail this international service and global education opportunity.

For more details on the program “Christmas with Orphans Camp,” please visit their website (in English only).

7 Oct 2015
Tokyo, Japan

Our new tri-fold brochure has been printed and is now available online.

Download your copy of The Akira Foundation’s tri-fold brochure – it’s packed with our roots and core value, strategic map, the list of signature programs and projects, snapshots of outcomes, impacts and stories, and much more!

3 September 2015
San Diego, USA

Akira Foundation sponsors the inaugural event for “social innovators” in San Diego, California, “Global Empowerment Summit,” which takes place on Saturday, October 17th, 2015, at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, the University of California, San Diego.

President Hirofumi Yokoi has been invited as a special guest to the Summit, whose attendance is by invitation only. We will nominate a few delegates from Japan to it as well. The event brings “together social innovators who are changing the world one day at a time so they can share ideas and solutions” and engages “local and global experts, giving them the opportunity to strengthen future collaboration.”

The opening keynote talks are led by notable, distinguished leaders that include: Dayamrita Chaitanya, Executive Director, Mata Amritanandamayi Centers of North America and Sherry Tross, Director-General, Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development at the Organization of American States.

For more details on the event, “Global Empowerment Summit,” click here (in English only).


30 June 2015
Washington, D.C., USA

The quadrennial World Children’s Festival (WCF) was kicked off on Tuesday, June 30th at 10 a.m. with an opening ceremony at “The Ellipse” – “President’s Park” – adjacent to The White House. It included the World Children’s Award 2015, which recognizes leaders who have made significant contributions toward empowering children and young people to take a leadership role in their communities.

Following awe-inspiring dance performances by the Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble and Ms. Corrinne Calhoun, International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), the organizer of WCF, announced the World Children’s Award for Akira Foundation.

Hirofumi Yokoi, President and CEO of Akira Foundation, said: “Thank you very much for the warm welcome and it is my great honor to receive the award…” ICAF and its Youth Board recognized Hirofumi for his “support for their world festival and (his) leadership role in Japan in building bridges across cultures, as epitomized by the work of the Akira Foundation and youth exchange programs such as TOMODACHI.”

The other winner was Mr. Frank Furlan, President and CEO of The Swatch Group USA, Inc.

The World Children’s Award is the sole tribute that the world’s children confer on creative leaders and empathic organizations. Instituted at the WCF2007, the children presented the inaugural Award to LEGO for fostering children’s creativity since 1932. At the WCF2011, the children presented the Award to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for putting children’s first in all its investments since 1930.*

*Source: International Child Art Foundation HP

16 May 2015
Tokyo, Japan

The jury was invited to the second floor conference space in the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Global Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, on May 16 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. to evaluate 68 paintings and digital art works submitted by children aged 8-14 from across the country.
The jury followed guidelines provided in terms of creativity/inspiration, expression/execution, color/shape, and artistic skills/techniques. The members also took it into consideration whether the artworks comply with the theme that the organizer, ICAF, proposed “Sport and Art for Peace” and the concept of “STEAMS Education,” which “integrates art and culture (signified by the “A”) and sport and play (the “S”) with STEM disciplines for children’s holistic development.”*
The jury will select winners in late May for the “5th World Children’s Festival (WCF) 2015” and their art works will be exhibited at “The Ellipse” – “President’s Park” – next to The White House where WCF takes place between June 30 and July 3. Akira Foundation supports the festival as a host committee member.

Jury member:

Chief Judge:
Toshiharu Hisatsune (Kaga Yuzen artist)
Nozomi Kondo (President, International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) Japan)
Hisara Kondo (Lecturer, Kanazawa University)
Sophie Bocklandt (General Manager, The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan)
Hirofumi Yokoi (President and CEO, Akira Foundation)
Makiko Takemura (Founder and President, International Women’s Club JAPAN)
Ikuko Tsuboya-Newell (Founder, Tokyo International School)
Eri Sato (Vice Chairperson, Peace Field Japan)
Mamiko Inahata (President, Nature’s Chest Japan)
Kensuke Mori (Board Member, Akira Foundation)

About International Child Art Foundation (ICAF)*

The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) serves as the national arts & creativity organization for American children and the international arts & creativity organization for the world’s children.
Established in 1997, the ICAF is today independently ranked among the 25 Top Children’s Charities in the United States. Our Arts Olympiad has grown into the world’s largest and most prestigious children’s art program and the World Children’s Festival has become the world’s premier children’s celebration.

*Source: International Child Art Foundation HP (http://www.icaf.org/)
For more information, please click here.

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