Past Events
19-20 March 2011 | Osaka, Japan

The conference is aimed at discussion and dialogue among social activists, researchers, and professionals both from Japanese and Filipino communities to identify issues and hidden causes.

The conference on Vulnerable Filipino Migrants: Focus on Japan will be held in Osaka, Japan, featuring the ongoing issues for irregular Filipino migrants. Akira Foundation supports this event as an institutional sponsor. The event will take place at Osaka University on March 19 and 20, 2011.

23 August 2010 | Tokyo, Japan

Recipients of the 2nd SIS will be invited to this gathering.

Akira Foundation will welcome you to this annual event for lunch under the breathtakingly beautiful garden Happo-En in Tokyo. The luncheon will be followed by a lively discussion of social entrepreneurship and Akira Foundation’s future pilot and scale projects over a cup of coffee or tea.

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