Filipino communities lobby the embassy on a pre-school in Fukushima
23 February 2012
Hirofumi Yokoi | Tokyo, Japan

Filipino communities, including SEELS and Catholic Tokyo International Center, had a meeting with the Ambassador of the Philippines to Japan, Manuel Lopez, and the Philippines Society of Japan, Inc. It was held at the embassy of the Philippines in Japan, and they lobbied the government and non-governmental organization to introduce their aspiring missionary program in Fukushima, where foreign migrants have been facing challenges to make a living from the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami which occurred on March 11, 2011.

Cesar Santoyo, Executive Director of SEELS, and I sit together and discussed the matter with the Ambassador, President of the Philippines Society of Japan, Inc., Yoshihisa Ara, and other senior executives and officers. The meeting went well with positive feedback from the embassy and we reached consensus on several essential aspects of establishing a pre-school to help children develop their capabilities through Montessori principles which nurtures their intrinsic desire to learn in an enriched, supportive environment. Hawak Kamay Fukushima (HKF), a Filipino NGO, will take the lead in this program.