“The Right to the City in South Africa Context: National Roundtable” for the right of the urban poor in South Africa
10 November 2011
Atsufumi Yokoi | Cape Town, South Africa

I was invited to attend the “The Right to the City in a South African Context: National Roundtable”, held at the Belmont Square Conference Centre in Cape Town. This National Roundtable aimed to nurture the audience to realize the ongoing issues behind the right of the urban poor in South Africa, and to help cultivate a new, democratic way of planning and decision-making in improving the life of the poor. Thanks to the partnership with Isandla Institute, Community Organisation Resource Centre (CORC) and Informal Settlements Network (ISN), the event facilitated pragmatic and practical dialogues among the participants including government officials from different spheres, leaders from civil societies, and organizations for the urban poor.