Daniel P. Malone | United States

“His keen sense of capability to make lasting, positive contributions, even while being a temporary custodian, is an incredible legacy that his sons have inherited and the Akira Foundation embodies. Akira Yokoi dedicated his life, professionally and personally, to both connecting and respecting the “rivers” that comprises a global system. Herein lies the essence of the Akira Foundation’s mission. It should be for our temporary journeys as well.”

Daniel P. Malone serves as Vice Chair Asian Initiatives/Director, Korean Client Relations at Butzel Long. His practice focuses on litigation matters, particularly with respect to automotive and product liability. Prior to re-joining Butzel Long as Of Counsel, Mr. Malone was Director of Asian Client Relations at Dykema. Mr. Malone once served as a National Coordinating Counsel to Bridgestone/Firestone. Having traveled to Asia more than 45 times over the past fifteen years, Mr. Malone has considerable cultural intelligence, particularly it relates to Korea.

Mr. Malone was formally a law clerk to Honorable Ralph B. Guy, Jr., United States District Judge for the Eastern District of Michigan (1978 – 1979), and, thereafter, he had been admitted to practice in several courts including U.S. Supreme Court (1986). In the course of these practices and experiences, Mr. Malone had given scores of seminars and speeches mainly in the United States and South Korea, while his writing has appeared in many publications, including Forbes.com.

Beyond his business arena, Mr. Malone generously has been committed to civil engagements and community services. Several awards he received, including “Best Lawyers in America” (listed), “Champion of Justice” (2006), “Living the Mission” (2001), and “Citizen Lawyer” (1992), just to name a few, prove his sense of others and being. Mr. Malone is a graduate of Cornel University and holds a J.D. from the University of Detroit.
Cesar V. Santoyo | Philippines

“Partnering with the Center for Japanese-Filipino Families (CJFF), Akira Foundation provided expert advice and financial support in the seed and start-up phase of the Social Enterprise English Language School (SEELS). Today, SEELS accommodates Filipino migrant women in Japan for training and employment as part-time or full-time English language teachers for neighborhood tutorials at its own classroom SEELS has established. English schooling of SEELS is expected to spread into public elementary and high schools in Japan, whenever SEELS gets bids from local Boards of Education.”

Cesar V. Santoyo is Representative Director at SEELS, Co., Ltd and Executive Director of the Center for Japanese-Filipino Families (CJFF).

Mr. Santoyo was awarded 2012 Gawad Geny Lopez Global Bayaning Pilipino Awards in the Philippines and selected for the 1st Michinoku Entrepreneurship program in July.
Baria Daye | Lebanon

“What is most admirable about Akira Foundation is its focus on the sustainability element. Pursuing microfinance projects is one of the best solutions to tackle major developmental challenges.

Having had the pleasure of knowing the founder of this successful and promising institution Mr. Hirofumi Yokoi for a couple of years now, I am certainly assured that the Akira foundation will continue to flourish with such a wise leadership. Equipped with a rich experience in micro-finance and development, Hirofumi also brings to the foundation an important emphasis on the human capital and the significance of connecting cultures in an increasingly globalized world.

As a Lebanese activist involved in many civil society initiatives, advocacy campaigns, developmental projects and socially-driven businesses, I truly believe that the foundations upon which Akira Foundation is built are solidly engineered for an efficient and effective impact. I am also truly grateful to be part of the human chain building bridges between the great nation of Japan that I had always been intrigued in, the Middle East in general, and my beloved Lebanon in particular. “

Baria Daye is a consultant analyst on the Starting a Business indicator at the Doing Business Unit, part of the Financial and Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), The World Bank Group. (http://www.doingbusiness.org/)

she is Founder at Tripoli Youth Forum, Policy Advocate for Women's Issues in Lebanon at Vital Voices Global Partnership US-based NGO, Board Member at Fadila Wassef Fattal Cultural Salon, Board Member at Maurice Fadel Prize for the best business plan entrepreneurship competition in North Lebanon, and Member at Lebanese State Alumni Community (LSAC).
Kiyori Ueno | Japan

“As a humanitarian worker, I strongly support Akira Foundation and share its mission and goal of making a difference to the world through social innovation. It’s impressive that Hirofumi and Atsufumi carry out the will of their late father, Akira, to create a better world and take action to make it happen. I very much look forward to future development of Akira Foundation as a global innovation maker.”

Kiyori Ueno is currently a Donor Relations Officer at United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).
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